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How many times have you pushed away your dreams? Sometimes dreams become "silly thoughts" when you grow older and begin living your own unpredictable life. You begin to set your dreams aside daily not because you don't believe in yourself but because you have to put your responsibilities and priorities first. 

This was life for Sharaea, who was a true dreamer. As a single parent in 2008, she decided to finish college and put her dreams of being the boss of her own empire aside to take care of her son. As the years passed she met her prince charming, finished college while working a great fulltime job. Sharaea became a mommy of two once she gave birth to her daughter and married her prince charming in 2017. Between the years of 2008 and 2017, she gained skills that would later help inspire her to become a MOMprenuer. Below are the stories of how her businesses were birthed.




A1 Hair Units was born in 2012. During the busy holidays, Sharaea was unable to secure a hair appointment with the stylist in her city. Frustrated she called her sister who is a great hair stylist in New Jersey. Her sister taught her everything she knew about styling hair and that day over the phone she taught and instructed her on how to make her own wig unit. With great guidance from her sister, Sharaea's first wig unit was a success and received many compliments. It was the first of many wigs to be made by Sharaea. She later taught her little sister Tanya how to make wig units. Together as partners, they became great wig seamstresses and one of the best virgin hair vendors.


TaylorRae Bonnets was born in 2017. Sharaea was looking for a satin bonnet to protect her daughter's hair while she slept at night. Unable to find one at a reasonable price and without an elastic band she went to her local fabric and crafts store. There she bought her own materials to make her daughter the perfect bonnet fit for a princess. The bonnet was favored so much by other mothers on her social media they asked her to make bonnets for their children also. She made over 50 bonnets within the first 3 weeks.


Sharaea put her dreams aside for years until one day she decided to just GO FOR IT!! Never forget dreams are also goals and you should never be afraid of them. No matter how impossible your dreams may seem to others be confident that you can achieve them. Sharaea stands as living proof to all women from all walks of life that no matter how far away life separates you from your dreams if you keep God first he will help you accomplish them and more.