Small City SAME Hustles

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How many times have you started a new business venture and later noticed that someone copied you?! How annoying right? Well, this happens too often in smaller cities. One day Jessica starts a business selling earrings, and the next week Ashley decides to start a business selling earrings too! Why did this happen? I will tell you! So many people are out here trying to find ways to make more money to take care of themselves and their households; so when they see opportunities for a new stream of income they jump on it. Don’t take it personally and don’t take offense. These people are not set out to hurt you purposely; they just want the extra money they believe they can make by doing whatever it is that you’re doing. Trust me I know the ill and frustration you may feel, you may even want to throw shade and talk bad about them and their business but DON’T! The last thing you want to do is to be seen as a messy negative business person who is gossiping about potential competition. Instead, feel empowered knowing that you helped inspire another to be brave enough to start their own business, some people never live out their dreams because of the fear of failure! So if you motivated someone to become an entrepreneur hats off to you! Yes, they may have “copied” you, and Yes, this may be your dream but don’t be discouraged or threatened! Their business and success do not affect yours! What God has for you is for you, and you will still be blessed! God has enough blessings to go around for all of us! No, their business venture might not be unique, but take a look around you! City to city, state to state, country to country we have so many successful businesses doing the same thing! For example, each city has more than one grocery store, bakery, hair salon, nail shop, auto shop, and a print shop! Every city also has multiple hair stylist, nail techs, teachers, bakers, auto mechanics, handymen, and boutique owners! I mean even look at the stars! There are so many singers, entertainers, and athletes. Even down to the snacks, you eat… What if Toll House was the only snack factory to make cookies? We wouldn’t have Keebler and so many more delicious snack factories. Remember don’t take it personally; continue to focus on your business, craft, dream and move forward! God will not limit his blessing to you or nobody else. There is enough American Dream Pie for all of us to get a slice!

Wishing much success to all my Queens out there working towards the American Dream.




What are your thoughts on this issue? Has this ever happened to you? How did you feel & how did you move past it?

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