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How To Potty Train In One Weekend!

Potty training your LO(little one) can be quite challenging but don't worry! Your potty training axiety ends now! Here are 5 steps to help you conquer potty training in one weekend!

Tools you will need

1. Potty or Potty Seat 2. Cloth Underwear 3.Comfortable T-shirt 4. Water & Juice Warning! For this method, you will need to dedicate this weekend to potty training at home all day with no outings at all! This way if your LO needs to go to the bathroom immediately or has an accident you will already be in the comforts of your own home.

Ok let start!

Step 1 Pump Them with Fluids Yes! Let your LO (little one) have all the juice and water he/she wants and even encourage them to drink more.

Step 2 Introduce them to the potty Walk your baby to the potty and show them what it is and what it's for! Make sure you tell them they have to "Pee-Pee/Boo-Boo" on the potty and ask them questions like" Do you need to go to the potty?" " Do you have to PeePee?" "Do you have to BooBoo?"

Step 3 Try To Potty Every 30 min sit them on their potty, talk to them and tell them "its time to go potty/pee-pee/tinkle time" whichever one you use. Run a little water at the sink also very lightly and let them sit there for 5min...

Step 4 Don't Worry If they don't potty, no worries! It's ok, resume your regular activities and try "potty time" again in 30min increments until they pee! It's important to remember to retry "potty time" every 30min to avoid potty accidents.

Step 5 Praise Them The moment they use the potty act as if it was a treasure box full of Gold! Give them lots of praise because they deserve it! A treat too if you want to reallyyy make them smile!

GoodLuck Potty Training!

xoxo, Rae

P.S. Comment a crazy potty training story if you have one Also Let me know how this method works for you!

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