Prayers For Your Anxious Heart

How often do you walk around with an anxious heart? God doesn't want us to feel this way...He wants us to live with joy and peace in our hearts. The day of my website launch I woke up with every emotion but "happy", my thoughts were all over the place and my husband could tell I had an anxious heart. After getting my daughter ready for school, I left to go to the doctor for a wellness check. I received a text from my husband as I was waiting to be seen, He asked me was I ok because I seemed a little misplaced. It was amazing to me how he could feel something was wrong even when I tried to hide it. I told him the truth about how I was feeling and how it had to be bad nerves from my launch. He encouraged me and told me not to worry because God didn't give me a spirit of fear or worry. Soon after the nurse took my vitals and to my surprise my blood pressure was high. As if things couldn't get any more nerve wrecking!! The nurse asked me was I okay, and embarrassingly I told her " Yes & no, Today I'm launching my website so I feel like I'm under a lot of pressure, worried about how things may go." She encouraged me as well and told me not to worry! She asked me a few questions about my brand as we waited for her to retake my blood pressure...I could tell she was just trying to calm me down lol...This time around my blood pressure was borderline high...I was okay with that because I felt myself calming down the more I prayed to myself.....

I hope this prayer can help every anxious heart that might be out there...Take the time out to recognize if this you this morning.. don't try to hide it and work through it .. instead take the time out to acknowledge your feelings and get them under this passage, say the prayer and give it to God...

Blessing & Love



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