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Working With Excellence

Most of us have the same routine every day when it comes to our jobs.. wake up, go to work just to do the same line of tasks you did the yesterday, the day before, and the day before…Some of us even park in the same parking spot daily. To me, this is a clear sign that we have simply become comfortable in this “workplace limbo” and how things have become repetitive and boring when it comes to our jobs…The excitement of having a new job goes away and going to work becomes a drag. Slowly but surely your motivation and drive to go to work and to do your best at work starts to drop simply because your getting tired of doing the same old thing every day. Believe it or not, I’ve felt this way before and it nearly drove me crazyyyy!!!!

At this very moment, you need to take a step back and take a good look at things in your life. How would things be if you weren’t employed? God blessed you with a job, might not be your dream job but at some point in time you prayed for this job and was super thankful when you were hired. Your now able to pull in income to provide for your family and the bills are being paid. Might Be living paycheck to paycheck sometimes but you making it baby lol! In order to be blessed with more, we must be thankful for what we have now! Say this prayer and thank God for your job and how he has blessed your life as of now…and even though you're going to work today or tomorrow to complete the same tasks that you’ve been doing for days, months, and years go to work today with a fresh attitude! Do all you can to complete your work with excellence and pride. Try to find ways to make a difference at your place of work even if it's with small improvements here and there or being a helping hand to a coworker. If you truly feel like your ready to take on a new task, pray and ask God to give you wisdom and guidance when it comes to the workplace and to show you if you should leave or stay. Above all pray and trust that his will be done in your work life.

Question: 1.How long was it before you noticed you were in "Work Limbo"?

2. What strategies do you use help with you Work Limbo?

Have a blessed day at work Queens!




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