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Today I celebrate one of my favorite Deltas Miss Sydney Williams for the Never Ending Support she’s given me & for her fearless determination to Live Queenly. Sydney graduated from Johnson C. Smith with a Bachelors Degree in Biology and a Minor in Chemistry. She now works as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist in Charlotte, NC! Yes a black female Scientist!

I asked Sydney what she loved most about her job and she stated:

"I love that my title is Scientist because becoming a Scientist was one of my dream jobs as a little girl."

I met Syndey in 2013 and I feel like I've had the honor of somewhat watching Sydney grow into the woman she is today!! Not only is she one of the first Original "A1 Babes"..but she's the perfect example of "Beauty & Brains" with a BIG scoop of strength on top! I asked Sydney what was her Motto when it comes to life and she said:

"My motto for life is to “Never run faster than your guardian angels can fly.... in honor of my Nana who I know guides my each & every step from heaven."

Thanks so much for being a Loyal supporter!! Each week I will feature another Queen who I believe is apart of the #LiveQueenlyMovement & has shown me amazing support! You don’t have to be a “customer of mines or be super established” & these post are not in any particular order! I just simply want to take the time the time out to celebrate those who have taken the time out to support & celebrate me as well🤞🏽 You could be Next 🤗


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