The Raw Truth About Extensions

Summer 2013 I was so excited and ready to slay my new Peruvian body wave bundles! My sis gave me a link to a site on the big cartel that sold exotic extensions and I ordered right away! When the hair arrived it looked so flawless and I had it installed asap! It was so soft with no tangling but I couldn't help to notice how there would be strands of hair on the bathroom floor after I brushed it. I didn't think anything of it until I started seeing strands of hair hanging off my clothes, on my couch, in my bed and a few strands in my car! I've bought virgin hair before and experienced a little shedding but this was outrageous!! I knew this hair was trash! Especially after I washed my clothes and saw strands of hair wrapped around a pair of my panties! HONEY! That was the last straw! Virgin extensions are expensive and I'm sure I'm not the only one who has had a bad experience while wearing them! So to all of my Queens out there, class is now in session and here's the raw truth about extensions that you need to know!


Honeyyy, Its hair! Human Hair! Sewn-on a track! So pulling and constant manipulation from combing and styling especially with a fine tooth comb will make it shed. Poor hair care will also make it shed. I'm not saying tremendous constant shedding like what happened in my story is normal! NO! I'm saying that your bundles should have MINIMUM to NO shedding. To prevent shedding, seal your wefts and comb your hair with the proper wig brush or with a wide tooth comb! Always make sure you comb your hair from the ends up!

2. All products DO NOT work!

Not all products are compatible with virgin hair!!! Make sure you read your hair care instructions and care for them accordingly. Personally, I use different products with certain hair textures. I do this because the moisturizing hair products that I use for my A1 curly/wavy extensions are too heavy for my A1 body wave & A1 straight extensions. I want my body wave and straight hair to flow in the wind so I use lightweight oil sheen products that have conditioning agents. On the other hand, when I wear my curly/wavy extensions, I want them to be moisturized and frizz free so I use heavier leave-in conditioner cream-like products.

3. It Can & Will Burn!

Again this is human hair, you can burn it!! Be mindful of your heat settings when styling and make sure that you use heat protective spray.

4. Sleep Protection

This is a must to maintain hair quality for longevity! In order to prevent matting, tangling and major frizz, use a silk or satin scarf/bonnet at night PEERIODT!

5. TRIM Your Ends

Keep an eye on your ends! Owning great quality hair means you will most likely keep it for a long time, and over this time you will develop split ends...When you do, simply clip them.


DONT.. simple as that! If you do not know how to color hair, take it to a stylist who is capable of achieving the colors that you want!

Last but Not Least...

7. Know the difference between Virgin hair and "Blended Bundles"

Most importantly, understand that your virgin hair is an investment and you get what you pay for! All Virgin hair labeled "virgin hair" isn't real, sometimes its a blend. What is a blend? A blend is when hair factories combine the natural look of human hair and synthetic fibers together to create a cheap version of "Unprocessed virgin bundles". These are not 100% virgin bundles and most of them can now be found at your local beauty store. They should be sold at cheaper beauty store hair prices but instead people are purchasing this blended hair and selling them higher than beauty store prices but cheaper than real virgin hair prices! For example a 12" Bodywave in the real virgin hair world is sold between $60-$75 depending on the brand, but a 12" blended bundle is sold less than $50. DON'T BE FOOLED! I've purchased blends before in the past at regular virgin hair prices unknowingly and they ended up being trash with no longevity! If you're going to pay over $100 for a bundle deal you might as well go all in and pay for some REAL virgin bundles and get your money's worth!

So many people buy extensions with the wrong perspective about them and having no knowledge on how to purchase real virgin hair or how take care of it. Thank God you're a part of the Royal Court and finally got the tea! Cheap bundles may not be real and real virgin hair must be taken care of! Now you know the raw truth about virgin extensions and how to protect your investment!




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