The Yelverton's Anniversay Weekend!

NOTHING like hitting the road with your significant other for a romantic getaway!!! Tidal app popping, you riding shotgun taking all the perfect "usies" with your shoes off, no kids, a luggage full of goodies and no work for days!! YASSS! BaeCation me please!!! Time like these are everythingggg and even more exciting when you're celebrating! This vlog captures me and Tevin's entire anniversary weekend at the mountains in Asheville NC! We celebrated one year of marriage! Get your popcorn and enjoy a front row seat to our exciting special weekend!

Vlogging is new to our family so we hope you enjoy! Details of each day are below!


We experienced our first biggest adventure alone on Grandfather Mountain, boyyy was it fun and scary! Don't get me wrong we've been on adventures before but it was always with a professional guide. This time we were on our on! We enjoyed hiking, climbing huge boulders, their museum, and walking across the Mile High Swinging Bridge!

After Grandfather Mountain, we drove into the town of Asheville, NC and checked into our hotel. We stayed at The Grand Bohemian Hotel. This was a very nice romantic hotel! The suite we stayed in was absolutely gorgeous!! This hotel gets 5 Stars from us! We were too tired to hunt for a new restaurant after we freshened up, so we road the hotel's shuttle van to Red Lobster. We knew going there guaranteed a great meal! After dinner it was all #HotelBarAction before bed! Lol

*My hair & outfit dets: Hair: Top & Pants: Victoria Secret Pink Collection Shoes: Nike

Day 2

Day two really blew me away!! Tevin is such a great planner when it comes to things like this! Not only did he get us tickets to The Biltmore House but he also got us tickets to Chihuly Nights!!!! This magical event happens once a year and many people travel far and wide to view the illuminating gardens. Touring the gardens and the house at night was so romantic!! This was definitely a memory we will never forget. For dinner that night we dined at the hotel's restaurant and it was amazing! After dinner it was all #HotelBarAction before bed! Lol!

*My hair & outfit dets: Hair:

Top: Fashionnova Pants: American Eagle


Day 3

Anniversary Day!!! Why did I just get so emotional typing that!? Lol!

Day 3 was simply A M A Z I N G!!!! So much I could say to explain this day but to keep things to a minimum it was just simply amazing!!! We enjoyed a luxurious spa day at one of the towns most secluded private spas, Shoji Spa! I don't know how Tevin finds these amazing places but this spa was PERFECT! After we changed out and took showers we enjoyed a couples massage, time in the sauna, and then we were taken to our private room. When we entered our private room I was blown away to see that it had the most breathtaking view! After the spa, we went back to The Biltmore house for a more intimate tour of the full house! The house was absolutely beautiful. Later that night we took an uber to Sunset Terrace. This restaurant has got to be the best restaurant i've ever been to!!! Granted they didn't have a sweet wine of my liking but who could complain with a view like this! This restaurant definitely gets 10 stars from us and the food was delicious!! After dinner it was all #HotelBarAction before bed!

*My hair & outfit dets: Hair:

Top & Skirt: Forever 21 Shoes: Belk

One year down and a lifetime to go! This weekend was truly everything and more! To my Lovee,Thanks for planning such an amazing anniversary weekend! I'm planning the next one and I don't know how I'm going to top this one! Lol!

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Love you guys!

Rae & Tevin

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