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Besides the fact that I was pulled over for speeding (but he let me go-YAY!), arriving 15 minutes late and was not in the appropriate dress code of business casual, getting to the event was a breeze-literally LOL. OMGGG! YALL, I almost fainted in that driver's seat! I was not dressed for the occasion. Here I am glammed out with my A1 Minks, wig popping to the max, cheetah print on my feet, distressed high waste jeans with a cold shoulder turtleneck sweater tucked. Please do not mention my little sister Tanny, who accompanied me. She had on the biggest cheetah print sweater with a huge cheetah face and spots all over it!! Here we were about to walk into the event 15 mins late and looking like BAPS! (does Halle Berry dance) By His grace and mercy we weren’t the only ones late and they were in the middle of meet and greet, so that put me at ease.

Once inside, everyone was dressed to impress. Every lady that I encountered makeup was on fleek and their hair and nails was popping! These ladies did not come to play. This was their “A Game” and “business wear" I was just so overwhelmed. I have never been in a room full of youtubers, social media influencers, hairstylist, fashion designers and stylist, lash and nail techs, virgin hair vendors, boutique owners, graphic designers at once. You name it, they were all there! In one room. The one room that I happened to be in. Yes, I was present in a room full of beautiful women with an amazing vibe.

(Me & my sis! This was the only pic she liked out of the million that we took lol)

This was such an amazing event! Big thanks to Styles By JLo for creating this event for all of us striving girl bosses! I’m so grateful that I was given the opportunity to network and sprinkle my black girl magic. But, I must be honest with you guys. I was not going to go. Yep, I said it! And the only reason why I was not going to go was because of me. I know, crazy right!? I was holding myself back. The saying is true “the only person that can stop you is you.” I can admit that I was intimidated by this event being out of town with a bunch of femalessss that I didn't know. And yall already know, women can be #MeanGirls. But, it turned out for the better and completely fooled my small thinking.

I just want to give credit to Styles By JLo for putting the panelist together. Sierra from LHHATL, Ananya Roderick, Olori Swank, Yaris Beth, and Mercedes Jackson were all amazing! Although each of them came from different lifestyles and backgrounds, each of them believed and achieved their dreams. The topics and questions asked were very much needed. Trust me, I’m thankful! The conference was very informative, and I took away a lot; which I will be sharing with you guys soon-stay tune!

One thing that grasp my attention, most of the speakers started their careers doing something completely different but ended up following their dreams. And all I could hear in my head was “follow your heart, sis” Someone once stated, “your heart desires will lead you to your passion. And where there is passion, there is destiny.”

Mecedes Jackson mentioned how she only did graphic design on the side in her spare time, while she went to school and started a career doing something completely different! Jackson expressed her frustrations of her “wouldas, shoulda, couldas” Instead of going after her dreams first, she had to learn and teach herself graphic designing on the side. She asked us to think of how much time she would have saved if she had just gone to school for it? She told us no matter what, go for our dreams! Chile…. That really had me thinking!

(Me & Anaya Roderick!!! Loveee her!) If I was given the opportunity to have a one on one conversation with any of these ladies, it would be Sierra, no doubt. Listening to Sierra speak made me feel like I was talking to my sister or having girl talk. She was so down to earth and honest. I could sit and listen to her talk about life, friendships, relationships, and the things you deal with as a fresh entrepreneur. It felt like she knew my life! She spoke on trying times of getting the needed exposure and how she overcame her struggles. She shared some hard-core values that I will never forget. I truly admire her authenticity.

I’m so glad I overcame my fears and Tanny came with me to this event. By us being working mommies and #BossLadies, we took a huge risk by waiting until the last minute to purchase tickets. No, it is not easy juggling both titles, but it can be done. This event alone has reassured me of this!

(Sierra, me & The CEO of When Girl Bosses Link Stylesbyjlo)

Below are the IG names of the wonderful ladies we sat next to at our table! Check them out! These ladies were really sweet & I enjoyed talking with you all!!







Along with them, I met a new friend her insta is: @vibewithredd_ ..But with all the ladies in the room that day we didn't make it around to meeting each other personally but we connected with each other on insta & hit it off immediately & even exchanged numbers! This is big for me because I finally see how going to events like this is so great when it comes to networking! Plus its so much fun yall!! Please check her out as well! She has a great story to tell and she's such an inspiration along with all the other ladies I met that day!

Big Ups to all my Girl Bosses! If you would like to attend the next event please follow #WhengirlbossesLink on IG! The next event will be held in ATL!!

xoxo, Rae

P.S. Hair & Outfit details below!

Hair: www.LiveQueenly.com

Top: Fashionnova

Jeans: Target

Boots: UrbanOG.com

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