Setting A Foundation For Greatness

Circa 2016: This picture is a representation of the year I finally started taking myself seriously. It sets as a daily reminder. In 2016, I stopped downgrading my dreams and viewing them as childish hopes. No longer did I look at another’s success and think, “Wow, that will never happen to me!” Instead, I started speaking life and started saying “Hey! I can do it too!”

I completely changed my way of thinking by doing the following tips:

1. Believing- by simply praying and telling God what I wanted and thanking Him in advance for blessing me to accomplish my goals.

2. I created a daily routine of repeating positive affirmations aloud. Sometimes I would look in the mirror and say, "I am blessed, I am successful, I will accomplish my dreams, I will build something great for my family, I am a boss, I am a game changer, I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me!"

3. We as moms sometimes lose ourselves after we have children. Being caught up with their needs, we stop pampering and shopping for ourselves. I had to pull myself out of this "Raggedy” stage I was drowning in! Yes, I said raggedy! LOL! I stepped it up a notch with my wardrobe and started making sure I took care of Sharaea. Please, do not take it as being selfish because you decided to treat yourself. You deserve every bit of it, so enjoy!

4. I pictured myself as this successful hard-working entrepreneur and started showing up as her. But to show up as “her”, I had to get my life and house in order! When you are organized, you are in control of things that will happen around you. Get organized! Stay organized!

5. It’s something about writing that brings things into fruition. I bought a journal and wrote down my dreams and desires. I meant every single last one! I wrote down what was truly in my heart and my deepest thoughts. I wrote about the stage I was in mentally and what person I desired to be. I aspired to be a great woman of God, and an even stronger, dependable, loving and supporting wife. I wanted to be a loving, nurturing, and patient mother. And, a better all-around woman to my family and friends. I longed to be a woman who was able to reach many generations of women and speak life into them by helping them to realize that God is a game changer and the sky is the limit! Last by not least, I aspired to be an unbreakable, undeniable, respected BOSS. But, I had to change my way of thinking and increase my faith.

Read Habakkuk 2:2-3, thank me later.

For a long time, I thought success was something you were born into or by chance or luck. The more I began to research how to accomplish my dreams, I came across many successful stories. I realized success only comes to those who seek it! And that’s exactly what I began to do. Seek and ye shall find success, sis.

*My Queenly Advice: If you are looking for ways to start your own business and become successful, start by researching veterans in your industry. Trust me, it will be more beneficial to investigate their history. Discover those times when they were hungry for success; you will learn a lot. Remember they were once in your shoes but had to start somewhere. Take note of their strategies of how to: 1. Get in the game 2. Become more business minded 3. Ways to bring awareness to your business to boost revenue and overall success!

My focus at this time is observing people who have inspired and motivated. I take special interest in those who are ahead of me in my field to see what has and is still working for them. I've looked back at their come ups, read their books, listened to their podcasts and studied their moves. I’ve learned that not only do they give great business advice, but they also give great advice when it comes to overcoming things in your personal life.

Be Inspired! Not to imitate but to pick up a few gems and spread them along the way up. Good luck on your journey and remember to stay true to yourself and trust the process!