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What 2018 Has Taught Me

If 2018 was a wig! Lol! Chileee let me tell you! I winged this whole year and I mean this whole entire year... In every aspect of my life! Trust me that's nothing you want to do.

Why did I wing this year? Honestly, this was my first real year as a MOM WIFE BOSS and I didn't want to go into the year with high expectations. Disappointments are my thing. If I could do it again, I would do everything the same but with real plans and expectations. Sis..plans, realistic expectations and prayer are keys to life! Anyway, let's go ahead jump into these lessons hunny! I broke them down into the roles I play in my life...Thank me later! :)

As a mom 2018 has taught me that: Working 1st shift while your husband is on 2nd shift means you will be home with the kids all afternoon... and all night! Stay strong! Lol! As a mompreneur time management, meal prep & nightly routines are going to be very important for next year! No matter what I must do my best to stay on schedule with all of my house and mommy duties or I will get behind!

As an Employee 2018 has taught me that: No matter what you do or how you carry yourself at work...people will try you. Don’t take it personally, these type of people are at every job. Don't try to prove who you are by letting them know “they got the wrong one” …don't try to out slick talk them because you already know you can. Just address the issue in the most professional way and move on. You still have to work with them for the rest of the year. Say your peace and move on.

As a Family Member 2018 has taught me that: Family is forever so hold on to them and build on whatever relationships you have. Pray that God heals the broken relationships within your family. Try your best to apologize if you were in the wrong and forgive if you weren't. No matter what, always keep your door open.

As an Entrepreneur 2018 has taught me that: If you want to succeed and get results you have to put in the work! This means early mornings and very late nights. You must learn not to taking everything so personally. Networking is really a charm and being supportive to other entrepreneurs around you goes a long way. Scheduling social media post and setting monthly goals is major key! Hunnyyyyy, I can't begin to tell you how much that has improved my entrepreneurial life!

As a Friend 2018 has taught me that: Friends respect and understand boundaries and a true friend will always remain a true friend. Appreciate and cherish that!

As a Wife 2018 has taught me that: The married life is not for wimps or selfish people. Unconditional love is the best thing ever! I can lay around all day in the nightgown he hates, no makeup, wig off with my nude stocking cap on and my husband will still tell me I'm beautiful. Big arguments are ultimately simple misunderstandings or disagreements and they never leave a right or wrong person. I say this because soon after we understand that no matter what...our intentions towards one another in any situation is always pure. Thats what a real marital bond is about, having each other's back no matter what. Communication is always key no matter how vulnerable it makes you feel dont hold back. Last but not least foot rubs after a long day makes life sweet.


This year I did favors...Next year I'm doing business only. Everything i've learned this year has made me into a badass woman for 2019.

Queens.. this year might have been tough for you..but let it be your learning fuel for 2019.




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