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How to Reset Your Life The Right Way

Moment of Transparency...

Honeyyyyyy! Let me tell you! This year has already been life changing and January was definitely an "Everything Must go" type of season! I definitely needed a RESET BUTTON! Sometimes we get too in over our heads with different things in life. As a wife & a mommy you have to be careful to take care of yourself when things are getting hectic because we are truly the thermostats of our homes. What do I mean by that? Well, thermometers (your family) react to the temperature, and thermostats (you) control the temperature. This year I'm making sure that my physical and emotional well being stays in check because I know how essential they are to the temperature of my home and my well being. After experiencing such a rocky start of the year I decided to take a moment to press the reset button on my life and refocus.

Here are the 3 steps I took to refocused and press the reset button in my life!

1. I STOPPED EVERYTHING: YES! Cut off everything that didn't have to do with my family, my job and my business.

2. I fasted from social media: Social media can definitely be a distraction. BYE Facebook! BYE instagram, twitter, even pinterest!

3. I took my walk with God more seriously: There's no way I could press reset without inviting God back into every area of my life! I knew that with him I could navigate through life better simply by having a closer relationship with him. I began to seek him on a higher level than I did before...I wanted to hear him talk to me, I wanted spiritual wisdom and God-given discernment so I could understand things more clearly in my life. I did this by reading the bible daily, spiritual fasting and prayer. I took the time to learn how to take my prayers to another level. A more strategic level that helped me to be more specific in my prayers against things that may try to come against me and my family in the natural and the spiritual realm. I wouldn't have been able to do this without the help of a book called Fervent by Priscilla Shirer. This book seriously changed the game for me. It opened my eyes and helped me to realize how the enemy trains attacks against us and those we love to get to us. This book revealed the most common ways of these attacks and how to pray against them in the most effective strategic way. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is looking to take their prayer to another level.

Check it out now in the link below:

I also took the time out to read a book called How to hear from God by Joyce Meyers, so that I could understand how to listen for his voice. This book definitely helped me to understand a lot when it came to hearing from God having the discernment to know when he's talking to me.

Check it out now in the link below:

It's one thing to press the reset button on your life...but if you start back without God then you're wasting your time.




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