TLQ Goddess Bath!

Nothing is more relaxing than pampering yourself. As a busy working mom, it's very hard to find that perfect balance to have "me time". It's even harder to find ways to enjoy it "guilt free". To avoid this I always make sure I schedule short appointments that are not too far away from home. Last night I discovered another amazing way to achieve "guilt-free me time" without leaving the house!


A Goddess bath is simply a self-love bathing ritual that allows you to take your time pampering and recharging yourself. You definitely want to do this after the kids go to sleep so you can get a full hour or more of relaxation.

Things you will need for "The Live Queenly Goddess Bath" (my version) : 1. Flowers 2. Two cups of Lavender Epsom salt (great for detoxification) 3. Aromatherapy candles 4. Soft music 5. Your favorite wine First I prep my music to play soft jams. Then I set and light my candles around the corners of my tub. Next, I run my bath water and add in my Epsom salt. You can run your bath water as warm as you would like...I personally like my baths on the hot side lol. About halfway I check the temp of my water to make sure it's suitable and begin to add in my flowers. As you add in your flowers remember to sprinkle some of the petals around as well.

Last but not least POP open your bottle of wine, cut the lights off and enjoy!!

The purpose and difference from this bath and your regular bath is the intention and preparation for the mood. You've prepared a time to relax in full serenity so remember to take your time, lay back, close your eyes, breath deeply and soak in the moment. You can add more ingredients to your goddess bath basket as you go if you would like. I know some people go deeper than this, but this is simply my version of a Goddess bath. Next time I plan to add moisturizing bath oils for my skin, a good book and completely unplug! Ladies if you get a chance try my "Live Queenly Goddess Bath"! You won't regret it! You will enjoy!! Tag me at @Living_Queenly on Instagram or use my hashtag #LiveQueenly!

I want to hear about your experience!!! Thanks so much for reading!

xoxo, Rae

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