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Marshmellow Medicine

So life threw us a curve ball this week🥺 Our Lil SugaMama wasn’t feeling too well (high fever & soar throat😔! Along with antibiotics & a rotation between Tylenol & Motrin, in the past I’ve used warm tea with honey & lemon to help soothe her throat pain & irritation. Oddly yesterday when I searched for home remedies I saw MARSHMALLOWS 🤗 Turns out the gelatin from the marshmallows coats the throat and aids with relieving irritation and soothing pain from soar throat. We also tried the soothing lollipops 🍭 , she didn’t like those🤣👎🏽 but lovedddd the marshmallows🤗

What do you Mommies do to help soothe your child’s soar throat⁉️ All suggestions are welcome! As always #LiveQueenly & Like,Comment & Share! Also If you any Mommies who would like to join our Queens Court please feel free to share my website & social media info!

ALL Queens are welcome! Let's grow & glow together!




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