How To Spice Up Areas In Your Home On A Low Budget!

My very first DIY project after we bought our home was a wreath for our door! I felt so good because in the past I never took the time to truly decorate my ANY of my apartments other than my son's room. WHY?! 1. Because I didn’t have money to spare to decorate (Yes, ya girl was broke! lol) 2. I never felt “at home” because I was renting ( and again, ya girl was broke and baby that rent kept coming every month lol! So I never knew when I might've had to move back home before getting evicted lol...just keeping it real) 3. I didn’t know how to decorate! After shadowing my mother in law, randomly meeting a decorating guru in Ross, scrolling Pinterest, and lots of trial and error I now have eye and passion for decorating and IT FEELS SO GOOD!! I use to feel so lost when it came to decorating but now I get so excited. I want to share everything I've learned with you guys especially the fun inexpensive things you can do to decorate your place! Here's my first DIY project!


I love how vinyl can spice up any area of your home! I also love how affordable they are!!! If you have a laundry room in your place this is definitely a cute idea to do to dress up that area!! If you don't have a laundry room then the next best place I would try adding vinyl first is in your kitchen or the bathrooms.

Step1: Make sure you figure out where you want your vinyl! Placement is everythingggg!! You want it perfect!

Step 2: Clean that area of the wall! Wipe the wall clean to make sure you remove any present dust. I would also go ahead and remove any stray marks from the walls in that area with a magic eraser and tidy up the area.

Step 3: Follow the directions provided with your vinyl to place your vinyl correctly! I would definitely mark your vinyl in the corners after you line it up just so when your ready to apply it you will have those markings as a guideline!

Remember if you don't have a laundry room you can always add some cute vinyl in your kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms...sis the possibilities are endless! As always Like, comment, share & tag me in your post if you try this!

xoxo, Rae


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