14 Makeup Bag Must-Haves

Happy Friday Queen's! Today I'm doing a makeup bag reveal! This is the bag that I keep in most of my purses! It strictly holds my goto makeup necessities for a quick simple glam look! Most of these items can be found at your local target, shopping mall

& at Live Queenly Boutique of course!

1. EyeLiner: I've been using this eyeliner for years!! I love the fact that its waterproof, very pigmented, it's a retractable! I hate eye pencilsssss because I don't like the way they feel when applying them to my lids.

2. Mascara: I love this mascara simply because it doesn't LIE! It does exactly what it says it's going to do!!!! Lengthens & grows your lashes! PERIODT! I've been using this mascara since 2014.

3. Concealer: Right now my go-to concealer is made by MAC... I haven't had time to play with any other concealers so this one is my favorite by default.

4. Eyebrow pencils: I use two faithfully! 1. Mac eyebrow pencil in the color "Spiked" helps me with precision when lining my brows. 2. Revlon ColorStay brow pencil in the color Dark brown helps me with shading.

5. Eyebrow Powder: Wet & Wild Ultimate Brow Kit ! This has been my go-to for years !!! We go wayyyyy back! lol! This helps me with shading my brows for a more natural look and shading in my lace closure wigs to create a more natural looking part.

6. A1 Mink Lashes: Shameless plug right?! But seriously!! I was never into lashes until I started selling them in my boutique and now I won't leave the house without them!! You will not catch me anywhere at any event looking cute WITHOUT MY LASHES!! I keep a soft pair for a natural everyday look (Kim K.Set, Queenin) and a glam pair that adds that extra "YASSS" to my look ( City Girl Set, Doll Set, or Flirtyy) The best thing I love about my lashes is the fact that they all look natural and they can be worn multiple times!!!!! Just like any other product I use they are affordable and definitely worth the buy! PLUS THEY ARE ON SALE FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH!! Buy 1 set for $12 or 2 for $20!!! Click the pic to shop while they're still in stock!!

7. Eyelash Curler: I use these on my mink lashes when needed after a good clean.

8. Makeup brushes: Don't laugh but my stick/brush game is pretttyyyy weak right now! Lol! I have 3 main brushes from Eco Tools! 1. for my brows. 2. For my powder foundation. & 3. For the few times, I wear blush (its bigger than the middle brush in the pic lol). THAT'S IT!

9. Eyelash Glue: I use Duo brush on adhesive! It's currently my favorite lash glue! I like it because I feel more in control when I'm applying it to my lashes and it dries CLEAR!! AUTOMATIC WIN SITUATION!

10. Pencil shaver: I use this for my lip pencils

11. Lippies: My current favorite go-to lip combo are: Velvet Teddy Lipstick & Chestnut Lip Pencil

12: Tweezers: For when I apply my lashes or need to tweeze stray eyebrow hair

13. Chapstick: I use this immediately after I wash my face to go ahead and prep my lips before doing any makeup look. That way if I'm wearing a matte lippie my lips will already be moisturized.

14. Powder Foundation: True Match super-blendable powder shade C6 By L'Oreal. I use this to blend my frontals, closures & a light dust for my face when needed.

Hope you enjoyed this! Don't forget to like, comment and share! Let me know if we share some of the same items!

xoxo, Rae

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