6 Essential Tips To Prepare For Your Baecation

Happy Wednesday ladies! I just wanted to share a few things I do to prepare for baecations. Most people are worried about what to pack and then there's me, making sure I'm pampered up to the max and made like new before I get on the plane! Lol! Don't get it twisted I make sure I pack my sexiest outfits for all events outside and inside of the room but here are some things I buy to make sure I'm feeling fresh and new on my baecation!

1. Face mask: Aside from my daily skin care regiment I always make sure I do a face mask before any vacation. I do this to jumpstart my vacation glow & to knock off any leftover of "tired me" that's still showing on my face! Listen... we're glowing before and after the vacation baby!

2. Teeth Whitner: This one is pretty self-explanatory! It's not always needed but I always do a smile check to see if my teeth need a little whitening. I want my smile to shine bright in all my cheezy baecation selfies and photos.

3. Exfoliating gloves: I use exfoliating gloves in my regular skincare regiment every once and a while to make sure my skin is smooth and clear from spots but when there is a BAEcation in the making I take it up a notch for two reasons:

Bomb skin in my bathing suit & bomb booty rubs. PERIODT! Nothing like super soft, smooth, clear, glowing body skin!!

4. NEW Perfumeeee!!! I always buy myself a new perfume set to wear while I'm on my trip! I love to do this because after the trip every time I put on that particular perfume it will remind me of my vacation and give me sweet vibes. I also love to do this so my husband can smell a new scent when caressing me! NEW Scent, New Vibe but the SAME BOMB A** WOMAN though! OKAY! LOL!!

5. Salon Appointment: There's no better feeling than having your hair done or leaving the nail salon with freshly manicured nails and feet with fresh glossy nail polish! This is the cherry on top of my pre-baecation preparations. I make sure my vacation wig is completed and my nails/feet are done! Nails, feet & hair can make or break you baby! GET THEM DONE! lol!

6. Travel Journal: If you follow me on social media then you know I love to journal! Journaling on your vacation can be so therapeutic! If you get a chance buy you a journal strictly for travel and in the mornings take time out to reflect on what you're experiencing while on vacation.

These are the things that I do personally to prepare myself for a baecation! As always please like, comment & share if you enjoyed reading this! Let me know if you do some of these same things! I'm giving away the same travel journal I have along with a matching passport & luggage tag set to one of my subscribers! To win all you have to do is like, comment, share this blog & you must be subscribed to my website!