5 Things to Know Before Dating a Man Long Term

As I trace his wet juicy lips with my eyes, I tried hard to concentrate on what we were actually discussing. But, it’s something about his swag that holds me hostage! It doesn’t make it any better that he smells like “come and get it!” why he gotta be so fine and spoil me!?!

Ladies, how many times do these same thoughts run through your head? Why must we get so caught up! Especially when he is just too damn fine and might have a little extra cash? As a queen, to live Queenly means we eliminate distractions and focus on the real reason why we are dating. I mean, ain’t nobody out here dating for fun! Ain’t nobody got time fo dat! We gotta stop trying to make things last just from his potential. Welp, The Queen herself is here to offer a little guidance. There are five things that every woman should pay attention to when dating. And if this ain't yo top five… well honey, you just might get escorted from the Royal Palace.

1. Does He Have A Clean Record? Honeyyyy I'm sorry but I’ve been there before I am so serious! If he indeed does have a criminal record that should be a red flag to any woman because HE BREAKS RULES & LAWS knowingly…And If he does this, he is a man who does whatever he wants with no care & fear of consequences. This type of man doesn’t care or fear spending time in jail away from his family. This man may not even care or fear the consequences of losing you as his woman if he breaks your trust and your heart….Trust me you want a man who cares about the results and consequences from his decisions and actions. Granted not all men with criminal records are guilty of whatever crimes, for whatever reasons BUT that's when you will have to use your discernment and decide if you would like to move forward with this man.

2. Is He Respectful Towards Women? This goes wayyyyy past the way he treated you on the first day you met! Does he speak well of his mother? (He should) If you’ve met his mother, does he treat her well? (He should) How does he interact with women in public? Is he a constant flirt? Does he look at other women in front of you? Does he call women out their name when he’s angry at them? Does he have any slight domestic violence history from his past relationships? The answer to all of these questions should be no! Here’s a question some of us females like to overlook: IS HE DATING OR SEEING SOMEONE? This is important because if he has any respect for women and their feelings he would not be dating or seeing another woman AND trying to pursue YOU…YES, some men are in broken relationships but the best way to handle moving on with you* is to completely end the previous relationship! PERIOD!

3. Is He A Hard Worker? Sis !! Does he have a job?? (He Should) Does he complain about going to work? Does he drag his feet about going to work? Does he complain about the hassles of simply handling business and his responsibilities? If your answers to these questions are yes, then you may need to reevaluate being with him long term! Trust me, you want a man who understands the importance, privilege, and blessing it is to have a job that provides a consistent honest income for his home. If not your either going to deal with a man who gets comfortable with you being the breadwinner. He may lose jobs from having poor work performance or simply quitting because he’s not motivated to work. YOU WANT A HARD WORKING MAN PERIOD! A man who knows he has to work and take great care of his family.

4. Is He Consistent With You? What do I mean by consistent? Well, most guys will go out of their way to get your attention to show you how serious they are about dating you. They do everything they can like check on daily just to see how your day is going, text you sweet things, send you flowers to your job, wine and dine you…but tell me, after he has done all that and you’ve agreed to date him, does he still treat you like a precious priority? He should because not only does he need to keep that same energy, but now he must be consistent with it for the rest of your relationship! At no point should he get comfortable and stop showing you love and attention. He should still check on your well being daily and simply making sure he’s treating like the queen you are.

5. How is His Lifestyle? What are the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, and WHY’s in his life when he isn’t around you! Are you comfortable with that? This is so important because so many relationships end because you later realize you can't deal with people and certain things they allow and like in their life. Is he the same man when he’s not with you? Do you like his FULL personality? Where does he live? How is his environment? Does he have roommates? How does he live? Is it clean? Be real! Some of us can’t deal when guys live nasty, have nasty roommates, or find out that they live with their parents or a female roommate or a “girl best friend”. Those are like major deal breakers for some females. Furthermore, what are his spiritual beliefs? Does he want kids? Does he like to travel? The answer to these questions should be dead on with yours!

Nobody is perfect, and I know they say opposites attract, but don't wait until your so deep in a relationship to realize you really can't see yourself with this person. Now tell me…What's your top 5?