9 Tips For Transitioning your Toddler to Sleep in Their Own Room

It's been 3 years, 11 months, 10 days and counting since the last time my hubby and I have had our bed to ourselves. Yes, that means countless nights of quiet yet passionate but "don't wake the baby" sex. I mean let's keep it real. The hubs and I were tired of sharing our bed. After a few nights of trial and error, I can finally say we have successfully transitioned our Taylor Rae to her bed.

Here are 9 major tips that helped us make the transition easy.

1. Get a "Big girl/boy" Bed- Present them with a new bed as if it's a gift because now they are "big girls & boys" who sleep in their "big girl/boy beds!" Yep, I'm saying that you have to beef it up and make it seem like it's a hot commodity to be able to sleep in their new "Big Girl/Boy Bed". Fortunately, Taylor's bed was a 3 in 1 design and we were able to transition her crib into a cute little day bed perfect for her size. She loved the new big girl look!

2. Spend some time in your LO (little one) room- The last thing you want to do is transition your LO cold turkey! Begin the transition by taking your LO in their room to get familiarized with their room. Whether it's playtime, movie time, nap time or whatever you decide, just make sure you begin to spend as much time as you can in their room.

3. Establish a Routine- This will help your LO get settled mentally and he/she will know what to expect each night. We start our bedtime routine each night with bathtime.

4. Warm Baths & Age appropriate sleep aids- These two things make it hard for your LO to fight sleep. They will be too tired to stay awake and whine or cry for you to not leave them. Make sure your child is old enough to take melatonin, if not I recommend using aromatherapy and bedtime bath wash and lotions that have lavender or chamomile.

5. Night Lights!!!!!!!!! These are a lifesaver and you know why! The hubs and I were very creative and went the extra mile to invest in color-changing nightlights and night light projectors that project stars and pictures from her favorite movies. Taylor was so fascinated by all of her nightlights she told us that she had the "coolest room in the world!"

6. Soothing Sleep Sounds- Listen... This was also a major key! Soft music, white noise, a fan...anything that will help soothe your baby to sleep. I made Taylor Rae a playlist full of lullabies, and soothing sleep sounds of the ocean and rain. The soothing sounds of the ocean carries her straight to sleep.

7. Sweet Reminders: As you tuck them in at night remind them that they will not be alone and you will be nearby in your room listening out for them. Remind them that you will keep coming back in their room to check on them. You can even use their baby monitor to talk and respond to them when they call you.

8. Pull an All-Nighter- If your LO is a light sleeper who loves to go AWOL and leave their room in the middle of the night this is for you! This is what broke Taylor in completely and let her know that we were serious about her sleeping in her room. Every time she woke up and came to our room we would take turns walking her back to her room and reassuring her that everything will be ok and for her get some sleep and not to get out of the bed because we will come to check on her.

9. REWARDS- There's nothing wrong with a little positive reinforcement! We promised Taylor that we would take her to Target to get all the toys that she wanted ONLY if she slept in her bed the whole night like a big girl! This worked like a charm! Tell your LO that you will give him/her whatever they like the most first thing in the morning BUT ONLY if they sleep in their beds their entire night.

Transitioning can be very tough sometimes so don't feel like you're alone! Keep trying and be consistent in your methods. I hope these tips help you as much as they helped us! Don't forget to like, comment, share and tag me if you try any of these tips! I would love to see how they've helped you! Wishing you an easy transition!