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Happy Sunday Queen!

How are you feeling? We've made it through the first week of Slaytober! Hooray to that!!

We have 86 days left until the new year and Sis, now is the time to initiate a year-end review. Identify the goals that you have yet to complete and choose one or two that you can crush before the end of the year. Slay it! Crush it! Make it happen! This is what Slaytober is all about! You don't want to have end of the year blues because you didn't complete at least one goal in the last quarter of this year! You still have time! Start the business, get the gym membership, apply for school, order the supplies or tools you need to get started in whatever your heart desires. Get it done!

This month is also a month of saving! Join me on my "No Spending October" Challenge! To participate and complete this challenge all you have to do is save your money and avoid all unnecessary spending this month. This does not include Halloween or Fair expenses. I know how important October festivities are to the kiddos and everyone loves the Fair, so these expenses are not applicable. For tips on how to save and avoid unnecessary spending, please click the picture below to read my blog on " 9 Tips On How To Save Big".

I was so excited about all the great success stories you guys shared with me about your savings via email and dms. Keep them coming, I love connecting with all of you and hearing your feedback. It lets me know that I'm not talking to myself ... lol!

Next up ... What's Slaytober without a bomb slay?? It's finally Fall and I couldn't wait to pop out with this perfect Fall colored ensemble. As always, outfit details, including my hair and lashes are listed below in pink with links attached!

Luxury Virgin Hair | Fedora Hat | Mink Lashes | Plum Jumpsuit | Leopard Block Heels | Purse

Remember it's not too late to slay your goals! Make it happen and when you do Sis I want to know about email me! Yes, email me and let's talk about it! Big or small, your name will be entered into our goal submission drawing and at the end of the month, I will draw and announce two winning names on a "Live" video who will receive a special gift from me as an incentive for crushing your goals. Yay!!! I'm so excited and absolutely can't wait to hear from you!

As always "Like", "Comment" and "Share" this blog if you enjoyed it.

Slay the week ahead and Live Queenly!




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