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Tips & Inspo On Organizing Your Kids Room pt.1

Happy Tuesday!

For all my “girl Moms” I just wanted to share this with you!

Organization is key when it comes to everything in life especially being a MOM! Organizing Taylor's wardrobe and bows has definitely made mornings easier! I grab her clothes, shoes, a bow and GO! Taylor's room wasn't always like this so don't beat yourself up if your not a super organized mom! With the help of my Mother in Love (who is a super-organized person, who loves AMAZON) we were able to piece this all together!

As promised all details including furniture is posted with available links below! Her dresser (brand: South Shore) , clear bins & Doc McStuffing room decor was purchased from walmart.

Most of her bows except for the super small ones were made by Love Reign Bows

This is a great project to get your daughter’s help with! Taylor really enjoyed putting stickers all over her daily clothes bin. Even if you're not a "girl mom" you can still use some of these items (dresser & daily clothes bin) for your son's room. I have more tips and inspo on how to organize your kids room coming soon so stay tuned!

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I hope you guys enjoy the rest of the week!




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