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Rae's Favorite Jeans: American Eagle

It took me 30 years but I've finally found my favorite pair of jeans!! Can the church say AMEN! I'm short with thick thighs and 1.5 scoops of booty! Baby listen, I need all the stretch I can get with these thighs.

So here's the tea!

American Eagle has a jean collection called: "Ne(X)t Level Stretch" that has a huge variety of jeans with AMAZING STRETCH!!!!!!!!!!

The Details

  • THEE softest, stretchiest, never-loses-its-shape denim

  • Super soft, comfortable & breathable denim

  • waistband gapping and sizing up!

  • Won't bag out. Ever!

  • Designed for curves, made JUST for you

Materials & Care

  • 80% Cotton, 12% Polyester, 6% Rayon, 2% Elastane

Available Sizes

  • 00 -24 in Short, Regular & Long.

I posted about these jeans on my insta and facebook story when I first bought them. A couple of my followers took my recommendation and purchased some as well -- Long story short, they LOVE these jeans too!!!

Click the pic OR the link below to find your style & fit!

Guess What! THEY'RE ON SALE (BOGO)!!!!!!

(The prices pictured are not current. Bogo sales are buy on get one 50% off.)

Up Next: My favorite pair of MOM JEANS!!!!

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