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DIY Glitter Ornaments

So I'm totally in the Christmas spirit and coming to you live with a Christmas DIY!

DIY ornaments not only make the best memories but they also make great Christmas gifts! I made these beautiful ornaments for my family in 2017 and they loved them!




Plastic Ornaments

2 Funnels

Plastic Cup

Why Polycrylic?

  • Easy application.

  • Permanent hold.

  • Amazing coverage. You won’t see any light spots of glitter with this method.

  • Shinier with bolder colors

1. Pour a small amount into the ornament and swirl it around to coat all of the sides. Be sure to get all the sides well coated. Then let all of the extra drip out. Once you have all the visible excess out of the ornament, turn the ornament upside down and let the rest drip inside of a plastic cup (or on paper or aluminum foil) for one minute. This step is very important! You want to make sure all excess polycrylic is out so your ornament can have even glitter coverage.

2. Once it’s evenly coated on the inside and there are no visible drips you can add your glitter. This is my favorite part! Pour some glitter inside your ornament rotate and shake it to cover all the sides.

Keep turning and rotating it until you can’t see any spots without glitter. Add more glitter to the inside of the glass ball if you need to.

3. Carefully add the top of the ornament, add your bow and it’s ready to hang. If you want to make it really special you can add vinyl decorations to personalize the ornament.

Hope you enjoy & have fun! As always Like, Comment, Share, Subscribe and Live Queenly!




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