5 Ways To Maintain Success In 2020

If your reading this then you've made it into 2020 safely! It's day 3 of 365 and God has blessed you once again to open your eyes and breath...doesn't it feel good sis? 2019 beat us with the ugly stick but this is our year of triumph! Our year to bounce back! Our year to reap the fruit that was sown and watered with our tears of sorrow and I'm so excited! I encourage you to leave all 2019 baggage IN 2019 and to move forward with these 5 tips to maintain success in sight:

1. STAY PRAYED UP: God is the GORILLA GLUE that keeps our life together! Nothing gets past or through him. Keeping Him first is essential to your success and well-being. Stay covered! Below are two books that helped me improve my prayer life last year. These books are truly life-changing. Most importantly READ YOUR BIBLE. If you follow me on social media then you know I love to start my day with a word from my bible or a sweet devotion. This helps me set the tone for my day!

2. STAY HEALTHY: Health is wealth! Taking care of your body is so important! Do yoga or pilates to stay flexible, exercise, eat healthy, drink more water, take care of your skin, get yearly wellness checks & go to the dentist! Don’t just let yourself go! Control what you can and if you notice something isn’t quite right or hurts even a little bit, take the time out to go to the doctor! SELF CAREEEEEE IS IMPORTANT! TAKE CARE OF YOU.

3. STAY ORGANIZED: A clean house is a clean mind. Have you ever noticed how easy going you are when the house is clean, laundry's done and your candles are sounding off with your favorite scents... its a whole vibe right? What about that feeling after you've organized your makeup, kitchen cabinets, pantry, junk drawer or that one side of your closet! EXACTLY! Pure bliss, here are a few things I found on Pinterest to help us organize and STAY organized! This alone is a daily task!

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4. STAY DRAMA FREE: Leave those MESSY FRIENDSSS in 2019! LET THEM GO! Anything that takes you out of your element cut it loose! You don't need it or them in your life! PERIOD. Pick and choose your battles, give grace and let some things slide but SET BOUNDARIES. If it's costing you your peace, IT has crossed a boundary & IT must go with no negotiations.

5. STAY FOCUSED: This is your year but don't think the devil isn't watching and waiting to knock you off track! He knows what triggers and intimidates you and he will do anything to keep you from fulfilling your purpose in life! Don't let him win! Stay focused on your goals this year and don't let anyone or anything distract you. Remember a distraction never seems like a distraction until you've been distracted. Don't fall for it sis.

I spoke with a lot of you through email and DMs last year about your struggles and breakthroughs and I'm so happy that I was able to connect with you all on a more personal level! Remember "Don't let the PROCESS punk you out of the PROMISE!" You've got this sis! Stop sleeping on yourself!

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Looking forward to watching you all flourish this year! Remember to send in your accomplishments so we can celebrate! I'm just a email or DM away if you guys ever need to talk.

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