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Every Day Is Valentine's Day When You're Being Loved Right.

Happy Valentine's Day to all of my Queens! Today the world celebrates love and I'm here to remind you to fight for it! We as women go through so much to achieve genuine true love and have to go the extra mile just to keep it. Think about it. So many of us struggle with simply loving ourselves and making self-love a constant priority. Why would obtaining love in any other circumstance (especially a relationship) be any different or easier? Real love is worth fighting for! The love for yourself and the love that you have and share with others. Protect it and don't let anyone succeed in destroying it.

Some of us have lost our faith in love because of a heartbreak. I've been there before and I know it hurts. Heartbreak leaves you with no desire to search for love because of the hurt that it brought to your life in the past. I'm here to remind you that real love heals! Don't close yourself off refuting opportunities for love to find you. You deserve to find real love and to be loved the right way. Don't be afraid. Re-open the door to your heart and fight.

Some of you are in the "grow & glow" phase of your relationship where you're getting to really know each other. In this phase you meet bumps in the road, you bump heads, you begin to compromise and you learn to agree to disagree. All of the arguments almost lead to separation and might even cause you guys to take a break from the relationship. If you truly love this person I encourage you to step back into the ring and fight for your partner! Acknowledge the phase you’re in and understand that the reactions you two have during these episodes can make or break your relationship. Learn to communicate better, be considerate of each other's feelings and try to truly understand each other. But don't confuse real love with toxic love. Know when to walk away from treatment you don't deserve.

There's nothing wrong with fighting for love as long as it's a love worth fighting for. If you know you have a good thing going hold on to it tight and don't let it go. People will try their best to sabotage your relationship in the most unbelievable ways. It's important to understand that their behavior is just a reflection of what they've been through or going through. Most likely these people lack and desire the amazing connection that you share with your partner. Don't let them win! Dismiss these people and continue to fight for love.

Yes, today is Valentine's Day but love should be celebrated daily. For the Queen who doesn't have a Valentine, I want you to know that you're beautiful and special in all of your ways! Self-Love is the best love. Real love will find you and when it does remember

It’s is worth fighting for!

xoxo, Rae


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