10 Major Keys To My Growth (Birthday Edition)

As you all know I just celebrated my 31st birthday! I always get so emotional around my birthday as I think about how far I've come and how much God has brought me through. I feel so blessed, so loved and so complete and I give thanks to God for everything. Birthdays are a great time to sit back for a minute and reflect on where you are vs where you've come from. For me, it's also a time to acknowledge what you've learned and what you will not put up with moving forward. I've decided to share some of the things that have been key to my growth over the years:

1. Forgiveness is necessary for growth.

2. Family first, everything else must be prioritized after, even your hustle.

3. Live your life as if no one was watching. Sometimes we are too self-conscious of people's thoughts and opinions on us. Excuse my language but F*ck them all. If I lived my life afraid of what people might say about me I'd be living in my weakest form. To be honest, that's all people want is the authority to dictate your life through opinions and gossip so they can control you and hold these things over your head. When you live as though no one is watching, your moves and decisions will be based on your heart and what you truly feel. Live your life for you!

4. Focusing on yourself is the best way to eliminate distractions. My friends always tease me about how I don't watch other people's stories or check out their social media pages but this is my way of not becoming too distracted. I have so much to do during the day that I can’t spend my day browsing through social media. I limit my time online, post content, engage with my followers and then get off social media. I can't focus on myself if I'm constantly looking at others and what they're doing. Social media or no social media if it's not motivating me or serving me in any way it has to be removed from my view. Period.

5. Controlling my emotions and reactions towards things that were sent to destroy me has been life changing.

6. Realizing my place in people's lives was a big lesson to learn. Sometimes you can hold on to a relationship too long. Why? Because its a "norm" in your life and even though it makes you feel awkward, low, unappreciated, and unwanted you still hold on to the relationship. Family who only call when they need you, friends, who link up without you, or your lover who isnt giving you 100% in your relationship. Don't allow anyone to place you in a position where you're wondering where you stand with them. Sis, acknowledge your place in that person's life, accept that you're not on the same page anymore and move on. No hard feelings, no ill wills, no tearing down each other's character... just let it go. Talk with them if you need closure but take the high road. Just accept the situation for what it is and move on accordingly.

7. Self Care days doesn't make you a weak woman, partner, or mommy. You're not opting out of your responsibilities. This is not about you not being able to handle life. This is about taking the time-out to make sure that you stay well, stress-free and energized.

8. Know yourself and your worth. You have to rock with yourself so hard that no one can rock you! Some women and men can be so intimidated by you that they automatically push against you. They dislike you because they are lowkey obsessed with you and the way you live your life. They hate and struggle with the fact that they aren't able to do the same and live in their truth. Watch out for these people because when given a chance they will lash out and try to tear you down with whatever flaws or crumbs of dirt that they can find on you. Whatever the case don't fall for the trap. Stop and recognize that this is just a nasty reflection of their insecurities and it has absolutely nothing to do with you. Separate yourself and kill them with kindness.

9. My husband says this one a lot: "Control what you can control"...If it's something that's out of my hands, I pray on it but I don't stress over it or let it alter my day. Instead I focus on what I can control about the situation, give my best and give the rest to God.

10. Last but not least eating healthy, drinking water, exercising, reading books, unplugging, having prayer/meditation time and incorporating hair & skincare regiments ARE A MUST! I feel my best when I'm able to do these things daily.

So tell me, what has been a key lesson to your growth? As always don't forget to Like, Comment, and Subscribe.

xoxo, Rae


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