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9 Essential Things To Help With Remote Learning!

"I now pronounce you a Home School Mom!"-Said COVID-19

OMG, I wasn't ready!! Due to the virus our kid's school chose to open up under plan C, which required doing remote learning for the first 9 weeks. My Son is going to the 7th grade and my daughter will be going to kindergarten. We didn't know what to expect or how to prepare but somehow we managed to make it through a successful first week of remote learning. Here's a list of 9 things we purchased to help us prepare:

1. Age-appropriate Desk- Let's start with the basics! Your child will be in the same spot all day so make sure he/she has a comfortable desk/table & chairs. We found the cutest little table set for our daughter from Amazon:

Click pic for link to shop

My son is using his new gaming desk & gaming seat so its a win-win for us all! Lol! 

Click pic for link to shop

2. Desk Accessories- Being organized and having easy access to their supplies will be essential during this time. Pencil cup holders and desk organizers to hold their different supplies will help. I was able to grab all of their desk accessories for $1-$5 from Target's Bullseye's Playground.

3. School Supplies- We didn't receive their supply list until the first day of school so bought the basics and pulled up last year's school supply list for grade-specific items. I also grabbed anything extra cute that they could use or may need like an electric pencil sharpener, flashcard boxes, great job stickers, cool erasers, and colorful clear pocket holders for their schedules.

*Parent Tip* If you have a kindergartener be sure to grab the bigger pencils, crayons, and a Manuscript/Creative writing tablets for grades k-2.

4. Storage Bin- I bought a medium storage bin to place all of their extra back up school supplies. This included all of their extra notebooks, folders, loose-leaf paper, writing utensils, etc. 

5. Book Shelf- My daughter needed a new bookshelf so we ordered her one-off Amazon to hold all the extra new books she would be reading this year.

Click pic for link to shop

6. Double the Groceries- Yes Sis! Lol! It's summer all over again! This time I added more breakfast foods, orange juice, lunchables, bread, cheese, mayo, sandwich meat, juice boxes, quick snacks, and fruit that they can eat on their breaks.

7. Electric Griddle- Breakfast Made Easy:) Listen! This has helped me save so much time in the mornings! I'm able to cook 3-4 nice sized pancakes at a time and place them in my warming tray until needed! You can grab one of these at your local Walmart or Target.

8. Treasure Box- We all know how it felt going to the treasure box after a long day of school! Again, Target Bullseye's playground for the win! I grabbed the cutest little treasure box and every party favor I knew my daughter would love to play with.

9. Back up Sub- It truly takes a village to raise a child and if you're a busy mom like me you're going to need some backup help. Reach out to trusting/dependable family members who will step in and sub for you when needed.

keep in mind that this will be a new experience for them too! Get creative! Spice up their work areas or rooms to get them excited and motivated! 

Be patient! There may be a lot of technical difficulties to work through the first week so make sure your child's teacher has your contact information and vice versa! We spent a lot of time emailing their teachers throughout the day to let them into the zoom meetings and to resend needed zoom links for their next classes. Lastly, we used timers to make sure they were back from their break on time in between classes. I truly hope this helps you prepare for your child's remote learning. I'm praying that you all have a healthy, safe, and successful school year! As always don't forget to Like, Comment, Share, and Subscribe if you enjoyed this!




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