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How To Do Your Own Fill-IN

HAPPY MONDAY QUEENS! Chilleeeee ALL the nail shops are CLOSED and Hunny if you know me then you know I will always make a way! I needed a fill-in really bad so I went to Sally's Beauty Supply and grabbed everything I needed for my "Operation Fill-in!"

This is what I saw after pulling up to Sally's so I had to order blindly over the phone! Thank goodness the cashier was knowledgeable and patient! Sally's had everything that I needed to get the job done.

Here's what I purchased: 2 Nail Polish: OPI Bubble bath & a Clear Topcoat 1 Nail Buffer 5 Coarse 100 Grit Black Nail File 1 Bottle of Acetone Cotton Balls Beauty Secrets Dip Kit SuperNail Professional: Deluxe Manicure Machine

I used the electric nail file to carefully remove the red gel nail polish from my nails, then followed the directions on the Dip kit to do my fill in. Tips: start with thin layers and don't place the building polish close to your cuticle, leave some space. Use the electric file to shape the surface of your nails and to carefully clean up around your cuticles. Use hard nail files to reshape your nails to your liking (coffin, ballerina, oval, square) and use the nail buffer to smooth surface before polishing.

I was super happy with my results. This did take some time so I encourage you all to get comfortable, take your time and enjoy this experience. This is a great skill to have especially if you love keeping your nails done like me! Hope this blog helps! Don't forget to Like, Comment, Share, and Subscribe! xoxo, Rae


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